About Me


I’m a stay-at-home, freelance web designer from Dallas, TX. I run my design work through Pixelight Creative and I focus on designing awesome, usable interfaces for websites and web applications. I spend most of my time on my Mac, working, reading blogs, and being all “web 2.0,” but when my wife can pull me away, I spend my free time hanging out with her and my daughter, Caelyn. I’m a true Mac enthusiast and I pretend to be a photographer in my spare time, shooting with a Nikon D50, which I love. I’m passionate about coffee, but I have other preferred beverages too, such as Dr. Pepper and 2% Milk.

About This Blog

Basically, I’m using this blog to reflect on spiritual matters, vent on life matters, rant on political matters, and maintain a kind of “digital community” with my friends and family abroad. This is still a work in progress though, and it continues to evolve in congruence with my impulses. I tend to focus more on reflecting on the spiritual and journaling about what’s going on in my life, but every once in a while I’ll have to go off on some frustration, or maybe even try my hand at some more creative writing. Basically, I do what I want here. This is my sanctuary for thought, observation, and conversation.