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  1. I got a HDTV
  2. I got an iPhone
  3. I started Twittering
  4. I upgraded to Leopard
  5. Season 6 of 24 was disappointing

  1. Gravatar

    I think I know what Twittering is, but can you tell me why I should do it?

    01 / 02 / 11:14
  2. Gravatar

    Steve, I can’t say that people ‘should’ Twitter because it can obviously be a distraction just like IM, Facebook, etc. The main reason I like Twitter is because when I follow my friends’ “tweets”, I get a glimpse of their personal and daily life. When my friends tweet, I feel like I know what’s going on with them, even if it’s just what they had for lunch or that they’re in a dismally boring meeting. For me, it creates a a bond that I wouldn’t have unless I constantly called all of my friends a couple of times a day and asked them what they’re up to or what they’re thinking.

    It’s almost like micro-blogging too. I often don’t have time to develop a well-written blog post when something pops in my head. I may just want to share an idea, a frustration, or a joke. Twittering takes just a few seconds, so it’s no big deal. It’s just another facet of the social web, but it has some significant value for me. You can also tweet via txt on your mobile phone, so that makes it something accessible for people who are out and about all day.

    The key is to get a good group of friends to follow on Twitter. Otherwise, you’re just tweeting all alone and that gets old real quick. You can also follow people you don’t necessarily know in person. I follow about 15 people who I’ve never met, but they’re people I admire (in the web industry) so I like knowing what’s on their mind (but this kind of sociality is common in my work field).

    Let me know if you start Tweeting! I’d love to follow you! I need to get Katy on this too 😉

    01 / 03 / 11:32
  3. Gravatar

    Hmmmm…well, I certainly don’t need any more distractions, but I’m also a sucker for technology. The jury’s still out on this one, but I’ll let you know if I get into it.

    01 / 03 / 14:32

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