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Well here we are, halfway through January and it’s time to see I’ve slacked off on any of my New Year’s resolutions already. I had a bunch of resolutions this year, but some of the biggies were:

  • Become an early riser
  • Read through the Bible in 90 days
  • Read a book a month
  • Journal more
  • Lose more weight/exercise

I’ve actually done a pretty good job with most of these. I haven’t done any real exercise but I’m eating right and I’ve dropped a few pounds since the holidays. I’m on track with my reading and journaling too. The one thing that I’m having a problem with is the early riser thing, but not because of the typical reasons. I actually haven’t had much of a problem with laziness and discipline. It’s been fairly easy for me to hop out of bed early every day. Going straight to the shower is the key. Coffee helps too. I actually want to get out of bed just so I can pull a brew a fresh cup of joe.

The problem with the whole “early morning” program is preventing the wife and kid from waking up too. This isn’t a big deal when you have a house and some square footage to help dampen the sounds of running water and tinkering in the kitchen. But when you live in an apartment you’re less than 20 feet away from anything else in the place, so you pretty much have to be a ninja in order to get anything done while the “light sleepers” of the family are still slumbering.

Light is also an issue. I need light in the kitchen to make coffee. I also like spending my morning time doing some reading and writing. I have found that this also requires some form of illumination. Oh, and showering in the dark isn’t cool either.

I’ve tried a combination of different stealth techniques in order to avoid disturbing the rare and precious season of infant sleep in the early morning hours of our home, but I haven’t found the solution yet. I’ve tried different coffee brewing methods and even abstaining from coffee altogether (craziness). I bought a book light. I’ve tried moving to different areas in our apartment (of which there aren’t many).

Sadly, it seems that no matter how finely I tune my ninja skills, the little one is always quick to wake up with me, and she isn’t happy about waking up either.

It’s pretty frustrating for me, because for a few days at the beginning, my early routine worked without a hitch and I was able to taste what it was like to have that early time in the quiet once again. Reading as the sun lifted from the horizon, sipping a fresh cup, and clearing my head for the day ahead. I’m not going to lie. It was awesome.

Not only was it great for my soul to have that early time, but it did wonders for my workday. Those first two weeks of this month were unbelievable in terms of productivity. My workload has been pretty heavy lately, but on the days that I had that early start, I almost always finished early, even though I started working the same time I always had. Quitting early gave me time to do more reading, writing, or planning for my next workday. For those few days I was getting way more done and feeling way less stressed. Again, I’m not going to lie. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, waking your baby too early not only prevents me from having that one hour of peaceful meditation, but it also makes for an entire day of stress and frustration for Katy. Caelyn already doesn’t take good naps, so subtracting even more sleep adds up to a pretty grumpy baby.

So I’m pretty disappointed. I was really loving being an early riser and really excited about how I wasn’t struggling much with what I thought would be my most difficult resolution for the new year. But Caelyn wouldn’t have it, apparently. I’m open to advice on this but unfortunately the rules seem too restrictive. You can add this as reason #137 for Why I Want a House.

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    Chris, I guess I didn’t realize you guys didn’t have a house. Is that something coming in the near future?

    Also, I was in this same boat with both of my guys when they were young. (We HAD a house at that time, and it still didn’t matter. Of course Joy would say that’s because I’m the opposite of ninja. Which I am. I’m like a bull in a china closet with a lawnmower running.) At any rate, I have no advice.

    01 / 17 / 16:58
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    Sleep Disorder Treatment.

    06 / 12 / 23:49

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