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Boyd posted this video of Tom Cruise speaking at length about his convictions and beliefs regarding scientology. I have to say, it’s one of the best testimonies I’ve ever heard. Most of the people think this is “proof that Cruise is crazy”, but when I watched it, all I could do is admire his passion for the mission of scientology. Tom Cruise is missional. He’s missional about the wrong things, but his passion is still inspiring. If you can, just watch the video and imagine what it would be like if he was speaking about Christian Spirituality. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.

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    Hey, Chris. I commented on Boyd’s blog earlier, and I disagree with you guys. Where do you draw the line? I mean, Hitler’s speeches were passionate–passion isn’t necessarily admirable. Also, rather than being missional, I find him to be arrogant and intolerant. The fact that he thinks that he’s the only person that could help someone in a car wreck. I don’t know, I’d probably rather see an EMT than a Scientologist if I was in an accident.

    As far as proof that he’s crazy…didn’t people see the Oprah appearance? Or the Matt Lauer interview? Why do people still need proof?

    01 / 24 / 19:07
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    Lex, I agree with you on the arrogant/intolerant thing. And I won’t disagree with anyone who says Cruise is crazy (there IS plenty of proof of that). I just wanted to make the remark about how devoted he is. And yeah, Hitler was devoted too, so you’re right about admiring devotion all on its own. Its just that when I watched the video, the first thing I thought about was my lacking of passion for God’s mission. I wasn’t struck by the arrogance and crazy talk because I already knew that about Cruise. He’s following a cult. He’s pompous. He’s a jerk to people who disagree with him. I hope I don’t ever end up that way about my faith. But I do want to be passionate, articulate, and unashamed of what I believe. I didn’t mean to sound like there are more things right with this video than wrong. There’s not. I just noticed something positive about it that I think a lot of people overlooked, and I didn’t want to be the intolerant guy because I disagreed with his cooky-talk.

    01 / 25 / 11:29
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    Yeah, you make some good points. I do respect that he’s unashamed, especially in light of public perception (which sees him as nuts).

    01 / 25 / 17:34
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    the same could be said for the war on terrorism…whether I agree or not with the bush’s war, I respect that he is consistent

    02 / 07 / 12:20
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    come on chris…blog man!

    02 / 08 / 08:32

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